What is the Upinion Project?

With the advance of Microblogging sites, citizen publishing has taken the lead in dissemination of news, politics and ideas.

A major setback of this revolution is the potential overhead to find the information we seek. Many times microblogging seems to only work for spamming and ads.

With the Upinion project, we aim to bring the human emotions into play to separate information from the seemingly endless, automatically generated messages.

You can help us by contributing to our corpus polls. We are effectively crowd-sourcing the task of assigning words to emotion classes. Join us now!

News Improvements

"Identifying Breakpoints in Public Opinion" was accepted to the first KDD workshop on Social Media Analytics.

Cuneyt and Professor Demirbas will be attending KDD for the SOMA workshop.

Onur Soysal and Murat Ali Bayir are officially doctors now, CONGRATS!

Building up the corpus is still underway

New similarity measures for periodic tweet similarities - N-Gram analysis implemented

Large scale deployment on Twitter - First phase completed

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